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Loading & Unloading

Loading & Unloading

Alfa Cargo Packer has huge warehouses and stock rooms to store your goods and other items in an efficient manner. Whether it involves the storage of household and personal items, machinery, cars or automobiles, commercial cargo or any other goods, they can all be stored safely at our warehouses that has adequate security. We ensure safe and secure cargo warehousing to our customers.

All the tasks related to warehousing of goods and belongings are done under the supervision of experts who belong to the same industry and bring with them years of experience and expertise. Security being our main concern, we always maintains superior quality control of our services. The warehousing and storage services provided by us include handling all kinds of goods with efficiency, ensuring safety and privacy, quality control checks on entry and exit of goods and 24 hr security. Our team of experienced equipment handlers is there to ensure careful handling and storage of goods, other fragile and precious items. We can provide you warehouse facilities to safely store your goods in a clean, safe environment.

Goods stored are palletized to keep them secure and separate from one another. This service can be arranged for short term and long term also, depending upon your requirements and needs. We are available round the clock and welcome the suggestions and feedbacks from our customers and clients to improve upon the services more and more. You can now easily and conveniently store your goods now. We offer this service at most economical and competitive rate. Ask for a Quote

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